Arc Welding (7-12)

Length:  One Semester

Grade Level:  7-12

Credit:  .5

Cost:  $279

The Arc Welding course will explore welding safety, principals of arc welding, selecting electrodes, welding mild steel, evaluating welds and a variety lab projects.  This is a “hands on” course with a great deal of lab time so students can gain great welding skills.  The following equipment and supplies will be needed throughout this course:  access to arc welder, MIG welder if possible (NOT REQUIRED!), arc welding electrodes (approximately 10 pounds of 6013, 6011 and 7018), mild steel for welding (scrap steel works great!), steel for a small project (may need to purchase a small amount of steel for project of student’s choice).  It is highly recommended that adult supervision is present at all time during the lab portion of this course.  Arc welding can be dangerous, so all safety procedures must be observed at all times.  This class is suitable for anyone who has an arc welder at a public, private, homeschool or adult learner.

Unit Topics

AE240 Arc Welding Safety

AE241 Principles of Arc Welding

AE242 Selecting Electrodes

AE243 Welding Mild Steel

AE244 MIG Welding

AE246 Striking an Arc

AE247 Evaluating Welds

AE248 To the (LAB) Shop With Arc Welding