Agribusiness II

Agribusiness II

Length: 1 semester

Grade Level: 9-12, Adult

Cost: $299

Agribusiness II complements the Agribusiness I course by exploring the skills needed to start an effective and successful agribusiness.  The course explores the decision making process of starting an agribusiness, researching and finding the correct Ag business for your area, and producing a good business plan.  The course also discusses legal issues pertaining to starting and operating an Ag business, managing the business as well as managing risks and liabilities.  Promoting, pricing, marketing and selling are covered along with finding good employees and proper management of the employees.  The course also discusses business taxes and estate planning.  This is a good all-around course for developing skills to start and manage an Agribusiness.

AB140 Should I Start a Business of My Own?
AB241 Finding the Right Business for You
AB242 Doing Research To Measure Your Market Potential
AB243 Making Your Small Business Start-Up Plan
AB244 Finding Capital To Start a Small Business
AB245 Turning Your Plans Into a Legal Business
AB246 Preparing To Manage Your Business
AB247 Selecting Your System of Records and Accounting
AB248 Understanding Profit or Loss and Financial Progress
AB249 Managing Risks and Liabilities
AB250 Marketing and Selling Your Products
AB251 Pricing Your Products and Services
AB252 Promoting Your Business and Products
AB253 Finding and Managing Employees
AB226 Employee-Employer Rights and Liabilities
AB144 Understanding the Taxes Businesses Must Pay
AB145 Tax Rules Every Business Person Needs To Know
AB146 Managing the Cost of Paying Taxes
AB147 Estate Planning for Farm and Business Owners