Agriculture Careers (7-12)*

Agricultural Careers

Length: 1 semester

Grade Level: 7-12

Cost: $299

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The agriculture careers course will explore many of the nearly 300 plus careers agriculture has to offer.  The course will discuss how to conduct and explore a career search, how to draw on your experiences to consider a career, and explore several agriculture related careers.  The students will be conducting personal career searches to determine which careers they may be interested in.  Upon completion of this course, students will be able to determine if agriculture offers an exciting career for them and have the skills to begin educating themselves to proceed towards a career goal.

General Agricultural Career Topics

CR101 Start Your Career Search with Yourself
CR102 Narrowing Down Your Career Search
CR103 Draw on Your Experiences

Careers in Specific Agricultural Fields

CR104 Careers in Animal Science
CR105 Career Opportunities in Veterinary Medicine
CR106 Career Opportunities in Poultry
CR107 Career Opportunities in Crop Science
CR108 Opportunities in Plant Sciences
CR109 Opportunities in Horticulture
CR110 Career Opportunities in Biotechnology
CR111 Career Opportunities in Food Science
CR112 Careers in Cereal Science
CR113 Opportunities in Agricultural Engineering
CR114 Careers in Agricultural Economics
CR115 Career Opportunities in Farm Management
CR116 Careers in Commodity Marketing
CR117 Agribusiness Marketing and Sales
CR118 Careers in Ag Cooperatives
CR119 Careers in Ag Communications
CR120 Weather Forecasting and Research Careers
CR121 Career Opportunities in Conservation
CR122 Careers in Environmental Protection
CR123 Careers in Forestry and Wood Products
CR124 Careers in Range Management
CR125 Careers in Farming and Ranching
CR127 Careers in Ag Education
CR128 Careers in Agricultural Credit and Finance

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