Animal Science — Beef Production

Length: 1 semester

Grade Level: 9-12, Adult

Cost: $299

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Animal Science Beef Production explores the beef industry and puts emphasis on breeding, feeding and raising production beef.  The course identifies the different beef breeds, selecting productive breeding and feeder cattle, beef nutrition, weaning management and proper beef health.  Upon completion of this course, students will have an excellent understanding of proper beef production practices.  Students will have the skills to start a personal beef production herd, or consider one of the many career opportunities in the beef production field.


LA150 The Beef Industry
LA151 Beef Breeds
LA152 Selecting Feeder Cattle
LA153 Raising and Selling Market Cattle
LA154 Nutrition of Market Cattle
LA155 Nutrition of the Cow Herd
LA156 Weaning Management
LA157 Beef Cattle Health
LA158 Feeding Productive Beef Cows
LA159 Improving Beef Cow Reproduction
LA160 Getting Beef Calves Started on Feed
LA161 Nutrition of Growing and Finishing Cattle
LA162 Guides to Beef Cattle Feedbunk Management
LA163 Using Growth Promotants for Cattle
LA164 Understanding BSE, or “Mad Cow” Disease
LA165 Beef Efficiency Factors
LA170 Estrous Synchronization and Heat Detection in Cattle
LA171 Artificial Insemination in Cattle
LA172 Calving Management

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