*Animal Science — Sheep Production

Length: 1 semester

Grade Level: 9-12, Adult

Cost: $299

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Animal Science Sheep Production explores the Ovine industry and puts emphasis on breeding, feeding and raising production sheep.  The course identifies the different sheep breeds, selecting productive breeding and feeder sheep, sheep nutrition, weaning management and proper ovine health.  Upon completion of this course, students will have an excellent understanding and skills of proper sheep production practices.  Students will have the skills to consider starting a personal ovine production flock, or consider one of the many career opportunities in the ovine production field.


LA130 The Sheep Industry

LA131 Sheep Breeds

LA132 Selecting Feeder Lambs

LA133 Marketing Lambs and Wool

LA134 Nutrition of Lambs

LA135 Raising Show Lambs

LA136 Nutrition of the Ewe Flock

LA137 Sheep Health
LA138 Sheep Breeding

LA139 Wool and Wool Products

LA140 Artificial Insemination in Sheep

LA141 Sheep Efficiency Factors

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