Arc and Gas Welding Theory (7-12)

Length:  One Semester

Grade Level:  7-12, Adult

Cost:  $299



The Arc and Gas Welding course will explore arc welding safety, principals of arc welding, selecting electrodes, welding mild steel, evaluating welds, MIG and TIG welding, striking an arc, gas welding safety, gas welding equipment, fusion filler, brazing and gas cutting.  This is a theory course and is intended to prepare students for an onsite welding lab course.  

Unit Topics

Gas Welding and Cutting

AE220 Gas Safety

AE221 Acetylene Equipment

AE222 Fusion and Filler Rod Welds

AE223 Brazing

AE224 Cutting with Oxyfuel

Arc Welding

AE240 Arc Welding Safety

AE241 Principles of Arc Welding

AE242 Selecting Electrodes

AE243 Welding Mild Steel

AE244 MIG Welding

AE245 TIG Welding

AE246 Striking an Arc

AE247 Evaluating Welds