Certification Program

The adult education program is intended for anyone who would like to improve their agricultural interests.  The courses can be taken independently or to fulfill the requirements of the certificate program.  The courses will be very flexible and students can complete the requirements on their own schedule.  Course cost $299.  Contact LeRoy Nelson by clicking here!

Individual Courses

If you are interested in taking individual courses to improve your knowledge of certain aspects of industry please see our course list here.

Certificate Programs

If you are interested in fulfilling a certificate program, we have a “build your own certificate” to ensure you are getting the best courses for your future plans. This option is comprised of 10 courses that you choose from our 25 available. Once you pass all 10 courses with a C or better you will be issued a certificate and transcript documenting the skills you are proficient in. We require a advising meeting prior to starting a certificate program. To set up an advising meeting please contact LeRoy Nelson at leroy.nelson@k12.nd.us .

These are some examples of “build your own” certificate programs and how the students would use the skills he or she learned.

  1. Sally S. is a high school Senior currently taking Animal Science 1 through Nelson Academy, but she has not yet decided whether she wants to go to college or straight into running her own Sheep Ranch. Since her Animal Science 1 counts toward her certificate program she decides to pursue a Farm Business Certificate to help her learn how to make management decisions in the case she decides to Ranch. If she doesn’t Ranch and instead goes on to University she can use her certificate and transcript from Nelson Academy as part of her college application to show her commitment to the agriculture industry and her use of transition time between high school and college.
  2. Mike F. has been in the Grain Industry his entire life, but recently his long time partner (who always did their finances) decided to pursue another career. Mike F. needs to show his loan officers and credit advisors that he is capable of making management and financial decisions successfully, but does not have the time to go back to college. He pursues an Farm Business Certificate in order to have documentation that he has skills in: Introduction to Farm Business Management Farm Business Management — Financial PlanningFarm Business Management — Production Decisions, Farm Business Management — Credit and Financing, Agribusiness I,  and Agribusiness II.
  3. Lauren J. has recently graduated from High School and was pursuing an Bachelors of Science in Horticulture when she realized 4-Year institution was not for her. She went back home and began a job at a local nursery, but in order to understand the industry and take on a higher management role she needs to take some continuing education. She pursues a Certificate in Greenhouse Technologies taking courses in Plant Science, Crop Science, Greenhouse Tech I, Greenhouse Tech II, and Leadership.