Course Catalog / Enrollment Links

Below are the links to enroll students on the North Dakota Center for Distance Education website. Here you will also find course descriptions and syllabus for each class. Once you choose a class, start the enrollment process by clicking “Choose Options” at the bottom of the course description page.  Then choose “North Dakota Login”.  All states are invited to use our course work.  Do not let “North Dakota” give you the impression you cannot enroll.

Course Selection Advice. It is important that students enroll in the correct courses to meet their career goals. We offer assistance in course selection so students are assured they are taking the correct classes at the correct time. Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Nelson at 406-783-8552 (cell or text) or via email at .

NOTE:  Although there is not a prerequisite for the Beef, Sheep, Swine, Poultry, Equine and Veterinary courses, we highly recommend taking the Animal Science I and II courses prior to taking the advanced Animal Science courses.  

Note:  The Veterinary Science I and II DO NOT quality for the Veterinary Assistant program.  The Veterinary Assistant Certification I and Veterinary assistant certificatoin II are the required courses for the Veterinary Assistant Certification program.  Veterinary Science I and II do not qualify for the program.

Click here for High School Agriculture Courses 

Click Here for Middle School Agriculture Courses 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Nelson at or call him at 406-487-5455 (office) or (406) 783-8552 (cell & text).