Crop Science

Length: 1 semester

Grade Level: 9-12, Adult

Cost: $299

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Crop Science explores herbicides, chemical, fertilizers (including manure), integrated pest management, pesticide use and safety, and basic grazing management practices.  This course will provide students with the necessary tools and skills to further their education in plant, range and crop sciences and begin to explore the many career opportunities in the field of crop and plant sciences.

Important Crops

CS116 Corn
CS117 Soybeans
CS119 Wheat
CS120 Barley
CS121 Oats
CS123 Food Legumes
CS124 Forage Legumes and Grasses
CS125 Sugar beets and Sugarcane
CS127 Other Oilseed Crops
CS128 Specialty Crops

Crop Technology

CS101 Reducing Herbicide Rates
CS105 Calculating Fertilizer Needs and Costs
CS107 Calculating Nutrient Credits for Crops
CS109 Using Fertilizer Based on Soil Texture
CS110 Fertilizer Value of Applied Manure
CS111 Using Manure as Fertilizer
CS112 Manure as Nitrogen Source for Corn
CS113 City Sewage Use on Crop Land
CS114 Fertility and Alfalfa Winter Injury
CS208 Understanding Integrated Pest Management
CS209 The Purpose of Using Pesticides
CS210 Reading Chemical Container Labels
CS211 Understanding Pesticide Safety
CS212 Using Pesticides Responsibly
CS213 Calibrating Pesticide Equipment
CS024 Better Pastures Needed
CS025 Alternative Perennial Forage Systems
CS026 Alternative Perennial Grass Crops
CS027 Ensiled Feeds
CS028 Grazing Management

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