Equine Sciences I

Length: 1 semester

Grade Level: 9-12, Adult

Cost: $300

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Equine Science I explores the basic concepts regarding horses, donkeys and mules.  The course discusses equine physiology, genetics, reproduction, digestion and basic equine health.  Upon completion of this course, students will have the basic knowledge to successfully complete the equine science II course, and explore potential careers in the equine industry.


EQ101 Brief History of the Horse

EQ102 World and US Distribution of Horses

EQ103 U.S. Equine Industry

EQ104 Classifications and Types of Horses

EQ105 Parts of a Horse

EQ106 Importance of Age

EQ107 Colors and Markings

EQ108 Marking and Identifying Horses

EQ109 Examining Horses for Unsoundness

EQ110 Judging Horses

EQ120 Basic Horse Genetics

EQ130 Donkeys and Mules

EQ140 Feeding Horses

EQ160 Skeletal and Muscular System

EQ170 Knowing about Equine Internal Parasites

EQ171 Controlling Internal Parasites in Horses

EQ172 Functional Anatomy of Equine Digestion

EQ173 Equine Feedstuffs and Nutrient Costs

EQ174 Aspects of Equine Exercise Physiology

EQ175 Understanding Mare Reproductive Physiology

EQ176 Stallion Reproductive Physiology

EQ177 Understanding the Equine Hoof

EQ178 Using Body Condition Scoring in Horses

EQ179 Putting Together Equine Conformation

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