Is Nelson Academy of Agricultural Sciences Online Accredited?

Yes!  The academy is accredited through AdvancEd.

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Is Mr. Nelson a certified teacher?  How about the other teachers?
Yes.  Mr. Nelson holds Montana certification in Agriculture Education as well as K-12 Principal and Superintendent endorsements.  All our teachers are fully certified Agriculture Education teachers in the state they reside.

What if I am not in Montana or North Dakota?
No problem! We have students in all fifty states and internationally.  Since we are a fully accredited institution, we can offer credit for our classes in all states.

Are your courses approved by the Office of Public Instruction?
Our courses are registered and approved by the Montana Office of Public Instruction, the North Dakota Department of Education as well as many other states. If you have questions about the Office of Public Instruction or Department of Public Instruction in your state please contact Mr. Nelson at leroy.nelson@k12.nd.us .

Will textbooks need to be purchased for the courses?
No.  All course materials will be included.  On occasion, students may need to obtain easy to find household supplies for activities.  An example might be plastic pop bottles for producing a mini eco-system.  Most supplies needed for projects will either be no cost or very low cost.

Are courses suited for homeschool students?
Absolutely!  The flexible online format of our courses makes this form of education ideal for homeschool students.  Approximately 30% of our students are homeschooled.

My school is unable to offer these courses.  Can I still register and enroll in the classes?
Yes!  Our mission is to be very flexible and help all who want agriculture education.  High school and middle school students may enroll and pay for courses.  If a student would like to get the class on their high school transcript, talk to your school’s principal or counselor.  We would be happy to assist in any way we can to get these courses on your transcript.

Course cost and course information
The cost is $299 per student for each 20 week course.

How do students enroll?

To enroll, go to our website: www.AllAgOnline.com and click on the class you would like to take.  There you will see a “Registration” link that will take you to the North Dakota Center for Distance Education website.  There you can enroll and pay tuition.  The site does accept credit cards.  School districts can enroll students through the student management system at the North Dakota Center for Distance Education.  School districts who plan to enroll students, contact NDCDE at 701-298-4830 to get your school set up in the student management system.

 How do school districts pay for courses?

School districts will be invoiced from the North Dakota Center for Distance Education.

Can our school district students follow our semester / yearly schedule?

Yes.  We will pace your students based on your semester schedule.

Will NAASO issue final grades and student transcripts?

Yes.  All final grades will be recorded on the North Dakota Center for Distance Education student management system.  At the end of each course, students and schools will be issued a certificate of completion that can be used to place grades and credit on student school transcripts.  Transcripts will be issued upon request by school districts or students.

How can school districts keep track of our student’s progress and grades?

School counselors will be able to login to the NDCDE student management system to check progress and grades.  The academy will also issue weekly progress reports to students, parents and exam administrators.  We can add others as needed.

Can credit from NAASO be used for Science or Graduation requirements?

The academy will advise schools on possible uses for credit, but how credit is used is ultimately up to the school district.  Schools have produced policy to allow credits from NAASO for both Science and graduation requirements.

Do school districts need a class period for NAASO classes?

Although it is recommended, it certainly is not required.  We have many students who take the courses outside the school day and are very successful.

Does Nelson Ag Academy’s curriculum meet National Standards?

Yes!  The curriculum used is approved by the National Council for Agriculture Education’s “National Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFNR) Career Cluster Content Standards.”