Farm Business — Credit and Financing

Length: 1 semester

Grade Level: 9-12, Adult

Cost: $299

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Farm Business Management Credit complements the Farm Business Management I course by exploring banking and obtaining credit required by producers in production agriculture and agribusiness.  The course explores how to choose a lender, farm credit system banks, GSE credit sources, and Farm Service Agency loans.  The course also puts emphasis on credit decision making skills such as loan repayment estimations, using farm records to help obtain credit, calculating interest and loan payments, operating loans, consolidation loans, and when to expand your operation or reduce your debt.  Upon completion of this course, the student will have gained valuable banking and credit skills that along with other Farm Business Management courses will prepare students for a career in production agriculture or agribusiness.

Sources of Credit

AB180 How to Choose a Lender

AB181 Banks, Merchants and Other Lenders

AB182 Farm Credit System Banks and Associations

AB183 Farmer Mac, Fannie Mae and Other GSE Credit Sources

AB184 Farm Service Agency Loans

Making Credit Decisions

AB185 How Lenders Set Your Credit Limits

AB186 How To Set Your Own Borrowing Limits

AB187 Can I Repay This Loan?

AB188 Using Your Records To Make Loan Decisions

AB189 Applying for a Loan

AB190 Understanding the Cost of Borrowing Money

AB191 Calculating Interest and Loan Payments

AB192 Leasing Vs. Borrowing To Buy Equipment

AB193 Mortgage Loans Vs. Land Contracts

AB194 Borrowing and Using Operating Credit

AB195 When To Consolidate Farm or Business Loans

AB196 Expand Your Business or Reduce Your Debt?

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