Farm Business — Financial Planning

Length: 1 semester

Grade Level: 9-12, Adult

Cost: $299

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Farm Business Management Financial Planning complements the Farm Business Management I course by exploring financial planning tools required by producers in production agriculture and agribusiness. The course explores producing a business plan, budgeting, accounting, farm record systems, and measuring financial strength and progress. Upon completion of this course, the student will have gained valuable financial planning skills that along with other Farm Business Management courses will prepare students for a career in production agriculture or agribusiness.


AB120 Making a Business Plan
AB121 Introduction to Budgeting
AB122 Making Personal and Family Budgets
AB123 Making a Farm Business Operating Budget
AB124 Making and Using Partial Budgets
AB125 Making and Using Cash Flow Budgets
AB126 Understanding Farm and Business Accounting
AB127 Selecting a Farm Record System
AB128 Taking Inventory To Make a Balance Sheet
AB129 Making a Balance Sheet
AB130 Understanding Accrual Vs. Cash Accounting
AB131 Making an Income Statement
AB132 Making a Statement of Cash Flows
AB133 Making an Ending Balance Sheet
AB134 Making a Statement of Owner Equity
AB135 Measuring Financial Strength and Progress

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