*Farm Business — Making Production Decisions

Length: 1 semester

Grade Level: 9-12, Adult

Credit: .5

Cost: $299

Farm Business Management Production Decisions complements the Farm Business Management I course by exploring the decision-making process in production agriculture.  The course explores sources for management information including extension sources, deciding to diversify or specialize, selecting profitable crop and livestock enterprises, expansion decisions, and choosing organic vs. conventional farming practices.  Upon completion of this course, the student will have gained valuable decision-making skills that, along with other Farm Business Management courses, will prepare students for a career in production agriculture or agribusiness.


FM105 Finding Sources for Management Information

FM106 Using Cooperative Extension for Management Information

FM121 Finding Useful Weather Forecasts

FM122 Understanding Growing Degree Days

FM123 Adjusting Operations to Weather Changes

FM150 Deciding To Diversify or Specialize

FM151 Selecting a Profitable Combination of Crops

FM152 Selecting Profitable Livestock Enterprises

FM153 Deciding When To Expand an Enterprise

FM154 Deciding When To Expand a Dairy Herd

FM155 Deciding When To Buy and Finish Feeder Pigs

FM156 Deciding When To Feed More Cattle

FM157 Game Farms and Other Alternative Enterprises

FM158 Choosing Organic Vs. Conventional Farming