Introduction to Farm Business Management

Length: 1 semester

Grade Level: 9-12, Adult

Cost: $299


Farm Business Management I explores the basic management concepts.  The course discusses planning operations, labor costs, labor relations, farm machinery efficiency, the pros and cons of leasing versus ownership of farm equipment, and the use of custom operators.  The course also discusses many of the career opportunities in the farm business industry.  Upon completion of this course, students will have the necessary basic farm business skills to successfully complete upper level farm business management coursework and continue to explore the many careers in the farm business industry.

Understanding Management

FM101 The Meaning of Management in Farming
FM102 Understanding Farm Costs and Profits
FM103 How a Farm Becomes a Business
FM104 Using Management Principles To Make Decisions

Planning Operations

FM110 The Value of Scheduling Efficient Use of Equipment
FM111 Calculating the Field Capacity of Farm Equipment
FM112 Planter Cost Vs. Planter Capacity
FM113 Calculating Combine Capacity Vs. Harvest Requirements
FM114 Cotton Picker Vs. Stripper, Capacity and Efficiency
FM115 Calculating Crop Labor Requirements
FM116 Labor Required for Livestock and Dairy Enterprises
FM117 Planning a Farm Labor Work ScheduleFM118 Finding, Hiring And Managing Farm Labor
FM119 Farm Labor Wages, Salaries and Incentives
FM120 Maintaining a Safe Milk Supply

Making Cost Control Decisions

FM125 Understanding Your Cost Control Alternatives
FM126 Improving Yields To Reduce Crop Costs
FM127 Learn Buying Skills To Make Wise Purchases
FM128 Making Farm Equipment Decisions
FM129 Planning a Farm Equipment System
FM130 Understanding Farm Equipment Costs
FM131 Selecting the Most Efficient Tractor
FM132 Understanding Combine Efficiency and Costs
FM133 Estimating Fuel Requirements for Farm Operations
FM134 Using Custom Work To Reduce Fixed Costs
FM135 Own, Lease or Rent Farm Equipment
FM136 Buying New or Used Equipment
FM137 When To Trade and When To Keep Used Farm Equipment
FM138 More Labor or Larger Equipment?
FM139 Managing the Cost of Moisture in Marketing Grain
FM140 Reducing the Cost of Energy for Drying Grain
FM141 Choosing a Tillage System To Save Soil and Reduce Costs
FM142 Reviewing the Concepts of Managing Input Costs
FM143 Managing the Cost of Financing Purchases