Introduction to Animal Science: FFA and SAE (18101A002)

Length: 1 semester

Grade Level: 7-12, Adult

Cost: $300

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Animal Science I is an introductory course in animal husbandry. This course will give the students general animal science skills. This course will provide the students with the basic education to successfully complete advanced animal science courses. It will discuss basic animal physiology, digestion, reproduction and genetics, Standards of FFA Members and recordkeeping in the Supervised Agricultural Experience Program. It is highly recommended that Animal Science I be taken prior to the Veterinary Science, Equine Science and advanced Animal Science courses. Upon completion of this course, students will have excellent basic animal science skills that will lead to successful completion of upper level animal science courses.


LA001 Livestock Performance Data
LA002 Livestock Growth and Development
LA003 Marketing Livestock
LA004 Livestock Breeding Systems
LA005 Farm Animal Reproductive Physiology
LA006 Biotechnology in the Livestock Industry
LA007 Biosecurity and Healthy Livestock
LA008 Livestock Rations and the Net Energy System
LA009 Ruminant Nutrition
LA010 Nonruminant Nutrition
LA011 Manure and Nutrient Management
LA012 Sources and Control of Livestock Odors
LA013 Handling Livestock
LA014 Improving Animal Reproduction
LA015 Quality Assurance
LA016 Show Ring Ethics and Sportsmanship
LA030 Permitting Requirements for Large Livestock Operations
LA035 Manure Storage and Handling
LA041 Water Usage for Livestock Operations
Standards of an FFA Member
Your SAE Financing and Recordkeeping

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