Leadership with FFA Units

Length: 1 semester

Grade Level:  7-12

Cost: $299

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The leadership course explores the many aspects and skills needed to become a good leader.  The course discusses how to become a good leader, effective communication skills, teamwork skills, and leadership goal setting.   Upon completion of this course, students will have learned the necessary skills to become strong and effective leaders.

LS101 What It Means To Be a Leader

LS102 How To Choose Your Leaders

LS103 How You Can Learn To Be A Leader

LS104 What Leaders Need To Know about People

LS105 How Successful Leaders Motivate People

LS106 How You Can Improve Your Leadership Skills

LS107 What Leaders Need To Know about Communication

LS108 Learning to Speak and Write Effectively

LS109 How Leaders Keep Themselves Informed

LS110 Using “Teams” To Reach Your Goals

LS111 Leading the Team Toward Its Goals

LS112 Taking the Lead in Your Group or Community

LS120 Writing a News Story

LS121 Writing a Press Release

NFFA01 History of the FFA

NFFA02 Standards of an FFA Member

NFFA04 FFA Official Dress

NFFA05 The FFA Creed

NFFA06 The FFA Degrees

NFFA07 Your SAE and Proficiency Awards

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