Livestock Judging Contest Preparation

Livestock Evaluation CDE


To stimulate student involvement in developing decision-making skills, oral presentations, interpreting performance records and general knowledge of the livestock industry.

Event Rules:

1. Each team will be made of four individuals.
2. All four scores will count towards the team total.
3. As changes occur in the livestock industry, event information may be added or deleted. New information will be made available at least four weeks prior to the State event.
4. Participants will report to the site for instructions at the designated time.
5. Participants will be assigned to a group. The group leader will escort them through the various rotations. Each participant must stay with the assigned group leader throughout the event.
6. Possession of electronic devices are grounds for disqualification.

Event Format:
1. Team Activity
a. Assessment & solutions
b. Scenario activities
2. Individual Activities
a. Livestock judging
b. Oral reasons
c. Keep/cull classes
d. Written test

Judging classes may consist of breeding or market animals from beef, sheep, cattle, or meat goats.
There will be four animals per class.
At least one class will utilize performance data.
Keep/cull classes may consist of beef, sheep, swine, or meat goats.
Each class will contain eight breeding animals.

Each judging class, set of oral reasons, keep/cull class, and test are worth 50 points each
Team activities are worth 100 points each.
If ties occur, the following events will be used in order to determine award recipients:
1. Total of oral reasons.
2. Total of placing classes.
3. Total of keep/cull classes.

Team and individual awards as addressed on page 15.
• National FFA “Career Development Events” booklet.
• Units from the suggested curriculum on Animal Husbandry, Animal Anatomy and Systems and Pests and Diseases.


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