Meat Evaluation Contest

Meats Evaluation and Technology

To stimulate student involvement in developing consumer skills for purchasing and preparing meat products according to industry standards.
The student will also develop decision-making and communication skills as it relates to the meat industry.
A Chapter does NOT have to compete in a district level event to be eligible for state competition.
See “Eligibility” on pages 13-14.
The event will take place at a site approved by the FFA Board of Trustees.
The number of teams allowed per chapter will be decided by the host site.
Any deviation from the National CDE Guidelines will be provided by the host site AT LEAST four weeks prior to the event.
Event Rules:
1. Teams will be made of four members.
2. The top three scores will count towards the team total.
3. Participants must come to the event prepared to work in a cold facility.
4. Participants are required to wear warm clothing and proper footwear.
5. All participants are expected to be prompt at their stations throughout the event; no provision will be made for tardiness and will cause late participants to lose event points.
6. No conversation will be allowed between participants after the individual activities begin. Conversation among participants may result in disqualification.
7. Participants and official judges are to make their placings and identifications without handling the exhibit.
Event Format:
1. Classes will include primal cuts and retail cuts.
2. Two sets of reasons will be presented; one on a primal cut and the other on a retail cut.
3. Retail meat ID will include 30 cuts.
4. There will be at least one yield grade and one quality grade problem.
Individual ties will be broken first with the Retail Meat Cut ID followed by the grading problems.
Team ties will be broken on the Retail Meat Cut ID of the highest three scores followed by the grading problems on the highest three scores.
Team and individual awards as addressed on page 15.
The host chapter reserves the right to present awards as deemed appropriate.
• National FFA “Career Development Events” booklet.
• Units from the suggested curriculum on Meats.

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