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September 2018


Agriculture Engineering and Technology

As technology changes, so does the world around it. New changes in agriculture, not only effect the economy, but also the environment. Check out this podcast from The Future of Agriculture to see who is responsible for responding to these changes and why.

New Podcasts

Do you have questions about courses? Want to hear the News for the week? All our teachers have pitched in to give you a different agriculture perspective every single week.


Agriculture Book of the Month

To add a little fun to the start of school, I decided to pick a fiction book for the book of the month. This is one of my favorites and it tackles all the stereotypes about being a farm kid, as well as, a dairy daughter. Read more to learn how to turn a small town upside down. (BUY IT HERE)


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. -Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela turned his prison into hope by creating a rooftop garden to work under the supervision of the prison guards. He had enough produce, even in prison, he supplied food for others who were hungry outside the prison. Let his kindness and perseverance be an example for you in the coming school year.

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