SAE Assignment

SAE Assignment

1. Take a piece of scratch paper, and write down all your work / career experiences you’ve had over the past year or so. This can be just about anything… from owning cattle and crops to mowing lawns to working at a business.. all of this will work. I’m sure most of you have some work / career experience. If not, you can plan an SAE in the program and start to implement it. Many of my students have paid for several semesters of college through their SAE… It can be a very good thing!

2. Log into the AET Software: Click here. On this page, put MT0113 (Case sensitive!) in the top box, your username and password go into the next two. Your username and password will be the same. It is your first initial capitalized with your last name capitalized. Example: LNelson. Please let me know if this does not work and I will check it out!

3. Once you’ve logged in, you will come to a screen and the first item will be PROFILE. Click on this link and begin to enter your profile information. Once into the profile menu, click on the top link, My account, FFA and Personal Information link. Enter your data. Be sure to SAVE when done.

4. When you complete your profile, click on the “Develop your AET Experiences” link (on both the profile and Journal menus). Then click ADD NEW. This is where you will begin to enter data regarding your SAE project. The first item is your experience category… select one. For example.. if you are working with animals.. select Animal Systems… Choose the one that best represents your SAE. Complete the rest of this page with information regarding your SAE. Do your best.. I’ll be looking them over and making suggestions later.. so don’t worry if you don’t pick everything just perfect this time!

5. Send me a NOTE via Moodle… At the bottom of the assignment link, you will see “NOTES”. Choose this and send me a note indicating you are done and are ready for me to review. It is important you send it via Moodle and NOT email… I can grade you this way.

Click on the first link to learn more about SAE and AET.  Use the second link to submit a request for a grade.  Be working on this throughout the semester.  If you are new to SAE, just spend this semester planning a project (You likely already have one!).  If you have entered data in AET, simply update your records for credit!